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Star Reaver - Freeware Space Invader Game Download

Play an Asteroids game like never before. Asteroid - ES utilizes the Epoch Star game engine for updated graphics and features, adding to the classic game play of the original arcade version. Gain levels, acquire power-ups, and beat your high score! Asteroid - ES supports both keyboard and joystick interfaces. Asteroids collide, and split into smaller chunks when they collide. The smaller the asteroid, the faster it moves. Gain points for every asteroid you destroy. And destroy all asteroids on the screen to advance to the next level! Press space bar to fire, forward to thrust, and left and right to turn. The controls are the same as in the classic. But pressing the down key (backward on the joystick) will not only cause your vessel to decelerate, but can also put you in reverse. An enemy vessel will appear and attack every so often. Destroy it quickly for an added bonus to your score! Every second it stays on the screen, your points will reduce.

Best of all it's free! Free to download, free to play, free forever. This is not a shareware version where we beg you for money later. Go ahead... download it... we dare you. Defend yourself... or die trying.

To play Asteroid ES, use your arrow keys to pilot your ship.  Your space bar fires your weapon.

Download Asteroid ES NOW! - Windows Download

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