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Play alien invaders attack! This space shooter game pits you against wave after wave of attacking space invaders. Swarms of aliens attacking from above. Break their lines of defense or be broken upon it. All the game play of the old arcade classics, but with a new modern look and feel. Have the fun you remember, with graphics you've come to expect from a modern game. Enemy forces fire their weapons at you at an ever increasing rate. Every level their firepower increases. How many waves can you repel?

Best of all it's free! Free to download, free to play, free forever. This is not a shareware version where we beg you for money later. Go ahead... download it... we dare you. Defend yourself... or die trying.

To play Star Reaver, use mouse to pilot your space ship, and fire you weapons with the left mouse button..

Download Alien Invaders Attack NOW! - Windows Download

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